Fierce Times Are Coming

Fierce, Perilous Days Ahead

Derek begins this study by reading from 2 Timothy, where Paul describes what will take place as fierce times come upon the earth. As he analyzes these verses, Derek points out three aspects of this truth. First is the degeneration of human character, which is the basic root cause. The second principle is that corruption is irreversible. The third principle will be brought out in tomorrow's message.


A New Creation

Continuing with the verses on corruption found in 2 Timothy, Derek takes a look at God’s statement that He will make all things new. Nothing of the old is going to persist. The third principle of the perilous time ahead is the most important of all. It is the root of corruption and of moral decline: the love of self. Out of this defect, all other evil characteristics developed.


But God

Today we are confronted with some statistics concerning young people that show the situation here in America is appalling. Derek is quick to maintain that Scripture provides the promise: “But God....” As we know and see the enemy flooding into our country, we know that God will raise up a standard for His people to draw together. We meet at the place of prayer.


Following Jesus

Derek addresses Christians today by pointing to Jesus’ statement that if we want to follow Him, we must deny ourselves and each take up our cross. Those who do this are the ones who will overcome. They are the radical ones who will face tribulation and come through victorious because they are in God’s unshakable kingdom.


Pure and Undefiled Religion

Finishing his message today, Derek looks at the end times by commenting on the darkness that will abound. But in the midst of that darkness he focuses on the light that will shine from His saints. They will be an end time radical group going against the grain of darkness, smashing the idols of comfort and convenience in their own lives.