The Fatherhood of God

The fatherhood of God is the great fact behind the universe. There is a Father who is our God, a Father who created the universe as a Father—as such He has left the imprint of His fatherhood on every aspect of the entire universe.


The Father as Priest

Three main ministries of Christ are to be associated with fatherhood: those of priest, prophet and king. As a priest, the father represents his family to God—who is representing his family to God in intercession and prayer.


The Father as Prophet

The father’s second main responsibility, as prophet for his family, is to represent God to his family. Inevitably a father represents God to his family, whether he intends to or not. He may do it well. He may do it badly. But, almost inevitably, he does it.


The Father as King

The function of a king is to rule or to govern. This requires that the father rule his household on behalf of God. Paul presents the responsibility of fatherhood in 1 Timothy, where he describes the qualifications of an elder.


When Fathers Fail

If a father fails, what happens to his family? Or, suppose that the fathers in a nation fail? What happens to that nation? It will be the decision of the fathers that determines the destiny of the nation. God requires the fathers to turn to the children, then He promises the children will return to their father.