A Word from the Word

Deliverance Calls Forth a New Song

Psalm 144:7, 9

Reach down your hand from on high; deliver me and rescue me... I will sing a new song to you, O God.     NIV

Have you ever noticed how many times in the book of Psalms it speaks about singing a new song? What are some of the reasons why we need to sing a new song? I believe there’s one in that passage that I’ve just quoted: “Every new deliverance calls forth a new song.”

So as we go through life, from time to time we find ourselves in the situation where we have to call out to God for deliverance, but out of that deliverance there comes a new song. We learn something new about God, there’s a new depth in our experience and to give true and adequate expression to that new revelation and that new depth, the Holy Spirit gives us a new song. Sometimes it’s a song in a language we know; sometimes it’s a song in an unknown language.

But remember, a time of need is going to be followed by deliverance, and deliverance is going to call forth a new song. And when that deliverance comes don’t try to go back to some old song but be ready for the Holy Spirit to give you a new song that appropriately expresses the new truth, the new revelation, the new blessing that you’ve received out of that new deliverance.

So bear that in mind as you go through this path of life, a new deliverance calls forth a new song given by the Holy Spirit.