Translation of Derek’s material into the Khmer language began in 2015, starting with a few Teaching Letters.  Our first opportunity to distribute these was at a talent quest attended by 800 young people aged 18-35 years.  A second outreach was held which attracted 1,000 young people who each received a copy of the booklet Divine Exchange.  Several other outreaches have also been held for hundreds of young people, with Derek’s material being given away to those attending. 


Translation has now been completed of Derek’s six-book compilation Life Changing Spiritual Power and this will be a great tool to many Pastors and Christian leaders throughout the nation.  

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Oct 2016 Report

DPM-NZ Trustee, Alan Brooks, writes from Cambodia:

Today, the young people of Cambodia (50% of the population are under 25 years of age) are being required to lead this nation forth.  What an awesome mission for Chri

st to lead them out of the ashes of genocide and guide them into His future.  Our heart is to serve these young people, encouraging them in God’s Word to guide and lead them into 

the wisdom of Christ.  Derek Prince teaching material is strategic in Christ’s plan, so this will be made freely available to all who are spiritually hungry.

Alan and Lynda spent two weeks teaching and ministering in Cambodia this year with our National Coordinator Huy, and translator, Mr Chhairith. The focus was two-fold: outreach amongst those who had not previously heard the Gospel message, as well as teaching and ministering to Pastors and leaders using Derek’s material. With the nation losing much of its older generation to Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge in the 1970’s, there is a huge lack of mature Christians who are well grounded in the Word of God.  

During teaching sessions at churches and seminars, many of those attending asked questions about different aspects of the Christian faith.  It quickly became very clear to Alan

 and Lynda that most Christians in Cambodia understand little of the Bible apart from salvation, and so it is vital that this young generation receive Derek’s teaching.  Your gift will help us to translate and print many more books in Khmer.
The trip through Cambodia included a visit to the tribal people in the north.  This is a unique environment, housing the poorest of the poor. The team visited a Christian lady`s home where they prayed for the family, including an elderly Christian woman who used to be a sorceress.  Recently, the lady’s house was about to be burned because of continual sickness over the family and non-Christians decided it had to go. However, before they had a chance to burn it down, a visiting church team came and prayed for release and all is well today. 

God’s blessing has now come upon the village, which is about 30% Christian, but like so many believers in Cambodia, they, along with the local Pastor, have an extremely limited understanding of the Word of God.  By gifting Derek’s books to them, we are helping not only the young Pastor and his team who visit this village, but also the local tribal Pastor and those who will teach them God’s Word.

Thanks to DPM NZ supporters, over the past year we have been able to translate, print and distribute several thousand copies each of seven booklets and 26 Scripture Proclamation Cards (78,000 in total).  However, we have barely scratched the surface in terms of meeting the huge need for Bible teaching that is here.
In the coming year, as funds permit, we would like to:

•    Print and freely distribute the six books contained in Life Changing Spiritual Power.
•    Translate, print and distribute Derek’s foundational material for free distribution to Pastors and leaders.
•    Reprint several small booklets and Teaching Letters.
•    Distribute SD cards to Pastors and leaders which will be loaded with Derek’s audio messages.

Most Pastors and leaders in Cambodia have no teaching material available to them, but Derek’s is powerful and changes lives.  So we would also like to hold further Bible training seminars for these Pastors and leaders which they will then share with many others. This will help ensure that God’s Word is being clearly understood, preventing doctrinal errors from creeping in.  

Your special gift will enable us to provide this teaching, so I would like to ask if you would prayerfully consider making a gift of $20, $50 or more to our DPM-Cambodia outreach, please.  Together we can help a huge number of spiritually immature believers develop a strong understanding and foundation in the Word of God. 

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