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but not an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo (1802-1885)


A Movement of Transforming Lives for God!

We are delighted to advise that a further 25,000 copies of Derek’s six-book compilation Life Changing Spiritual Power have been printed in the Urdu language, bringing the total to 60,000. These books have been delivered to the many Pastors, leaders, Bible Schools and youth workers throughout Pakistan who are needing them. We trust you find the testimonies below encouraging.

Some of the stock ready to go to Baluchistan Province

Some of the stock ready to go to Baluchistan Province


An Evangelist from Bannu, NWFP

“The only book I want to keep with me and my Bible is LCSP because it has everything I need to grow in my spiritual life. What a great blessing from DPM. I helped in distribution because I am blessed by this book personally. Receiving this wonderful six-in-one book is a dream come true for me.”



Pastor from Mirpur Interior Sindh

“What a wonderful gift for those who are sitting and waiting in the darkness. No-one came to us but we have this Derek Prince book. I am absolutely sure DPM is following the vision and have heard from God that “if you want to bless someone needy, bless him abundantly”. In this case of LCSP it is not just one book; there are SIX books.”



Deacon, Savior Church, Karachi

“I was jealous and upset, whenever I saw my Senior Pastor receiving free books from DPM. But I am thankful to God and DPM from the bottom of my heart for the generosity they have shown by the distribution of LCSP to the second-line leaders throughout the country. This is profound training material. I am going to use it, not only for myself, but to bless others too.”



Transformed forever!

“Serving in Pakistan is not easy; we continually need encouragement and uplifting. That is why second-line leaders like us are longing for it. Country-wide distribution has created a sense of love and care. Good resources are always the top need, especially among the junior leaders as the seniors always get the benefit and we are left out! Thanks to DPM for showing the love of God practically!”


“This LCSP book has inspired me to take up the challenge as a second-line leader to be equipped and prepared for the times ahead in leading the church in Pakistan. This book has all that I need for my spiritual growth.”


Bishop of Multan

The Bishop of Multan wrote to us that “LCSP is truly a life-changing tool. I would like to have this vital book of Derek Prince in the hands of every emerging leader in my Diocese (about 2,600). As this book has blessed me to grow in my personal walk with God, I desire that every leader coming behind will have the same blessing.”


A Pastor in NWFP

“Even in this cold weather, this book is warming the faith and hearts of its readers. God has provided for us out of His abundance. We, as leaders and emerging leaders, are so grateful to DPM. You have a great passion for the leaders and emerging leaders in Pakistan. For me, this book has unique teaching topics to make a leader grow in Christ. I believe that this book shall be used for leadership training. I have never seen such a book in the Urdu language. Thank you so much, DPM, for showing concern for the betterment of spiritual growth of the Pakistani leadership”.




Pastor Zeshan wrote “We didn’t have any resource at all for the Youth Conference, but God provided this wonderful book through DPM. It is miraculous! We have heard several testimonies about this wonderful book and trust that it will work in many of the young leaders’ lives in the same way”.


A stall at the Youth Conference in NWFP


Many thanks for your prayers and financial support of our Life Changing Spiritual Power One Million Book Mission. Since 2010 we have printed over 225,000 copies of LCSP across 14 languages. Our goal this year is to print a further 75,000 copies which will include seven languages of Eastern Europe. If you would like to help us bring this huge blessing to thousands more leaders and Evangelists (who will teach thousands more) please designate your tax-deductable gift to ‘Life Changing Spiritual Power Book’. Many thanks and God’s blessings

Warren Smith

Regional Director, Asia/Pacific











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