Solomon Islands: Inmates taking the Self-Study Bible Course

Solomon Islands

We are receiving a great response from those who listen to the radio programs. They are buying Derek’s books from the book store and downloading his audio teaching onto their flash drives.

We are now joining arms with a prayer team set up at the Central Police Station. At our first prayer meeting with them, we shared words of encouragement and prayed for the organization. We also gave out copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power which the police staff received with gratitude.

Many prison inmates are taking the Self-Study Bible Course. We received these testimonies recently:

As I was doing the Self-Study Bible Course, I came to realize that the course was really helping to change my life by enabling me to learn a lot of new things. I have come to understand that the Bible is God’s Word. Now I realize that what I had done in the past was totally against God’s Word, and God was not happy with me. But I thank God for His grace and mercy and that He accepts me as His son.—Kelvin 

Since studying the Self-Study Bible Course, I have learned a lot of scriptures [memory work] and it really helps me in my everyday life. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I have allowed Him to take control of my life. This is a big difference I am experiencing from my past life. Even in my school days, I didn’t know how to study the Bible or even pray. But through this course, changes have happened. I want to thank DPM for this course material that has really helped me.   Please pray for me, especially for my future - I am just a youth. — Jim.

-Tele Bartlett 

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