Prayer Focus 19/06/2022 - 25/06/2022


June 19—French-speaking Africa

  • We are working to find new ways of distributing Derek’s books in French-speaking Africa. Pray for God’s guidance so that we can continue to bless the people in this region with Derek’s material.


June 20—Southern Africa

  • Pray that more radio stations will want to air Derek’s broadcasts. Radio is still one of the most powerful means of spreading his teaching.
  • Pray that all those who are accessing Derek’s teaching or receiving outreach material will pass it on to their families and friends. 
  • Pray for an increase in book sales, DVDs, CDs, and other material. 


June 21—Angola/Mozambique

  • Pray for the successful printing and distribution of the Portuguese Self-Study Bible Course to Angola (Central Africa).
  • Pray for the needed funds to print 20 more Portuguese titles to distribute to pastors, ministry leaders, and Bible schools in Angola and Mozambique


June 22United States

  • Our staff interacts and works with other worldwide offices in several ways, including that of our websites and social media outlets. Pray for God’s wisdom and insight as, together, they seek to enhance and expand the reach of the ministry and Derek’s teaching worldwide. 


June 23—United States/Hispanic Outreach

Pray for those involved in our technology and social media area as they develop new digital projects so more people can access Derek’s teachings in Spanish.


June 24—Israel

  • Pray for Derek’s Hebrew, Arabic and Russian material to reach more and more people in Israel and other nations through various online formats.
  • Pray for more people in Israel to have a divine connection to the ministry, access Derek’s teaching and have an encounter with the Lord.


June 25—Turkey

It is a miracle that Derek’s ministry operates in Turkey where churches and believers are under constant pressure and persecution. Pray for God to refresh, strengthen and inspire our team to initiate new projects.