Prayer Focus 12/11/2023 - 11/18/2023


November 12—Norway/Scandinavia

  • Pray for wisdom for DPM Connect’s Digital Team as they work on the development of a new website. Also, pray for more partners to join us in expanding the ministry’s outreach across Scandinavia.

November 13—Bulgaria

  • Pray that the new book The Beast or The Lamb will be a revelation to believers to help them know how to protect themselves and hold fast in hardships and opposition.
  • Pray for an awakening among young people in Bulgaria and for Derek’s Bible teaching to be used to equip many more in the days ahead. 

November 14—Netherlands

  • On November 22, national elections will be held. Pray for the Lord to appoint the leaders of His choice - His instruments, who will continue to allow religious freedom in this nation.
  • We are finalizing the publication of Derek’s book, Spiritual Warfare for the End Times. Pray for protection and wisdom for the designer and printer, and for this book to be widely distributed and impactful to many.
Praise Report - Netherlands
  • Four years ago, Dutch artist Xander Stok surrendered his life to God after a supernatural encounter. He recently expressed gratitude to our Dutch team for providing access to Derek’s teachings: “I know Derek is no longer with us, but I am eternally grateful that his teachings remain. Thank you so much.” Formerly the singer/lead guitarist of a rock band, Xander struggled with depression and addictions for 20 years. After his life radically changed after God’s divine intervention, he felt an insatiable thirst for God’s Word. In January 2021, while reading Isaiah 12, he heard a voice say, “Grab your guitar and sing what you're reading." Unexpectedly, it became a worship song from Isaiah. Three months later, a dream revealed that he and the Lord would "show the heart of the Father to the world." Xander now dedicates himself to setting the Bible to music, releasing weekly songs at

November 15—Germany

  • Pray that God would continue to guide us and use our expanded team to discover new and effective ways to reach the Body of Christ in our area.
  • Pray for God's blessing and wisdom for the workers and tasks involved with our online courses that are planned for the coming year.

November 16—Poland

  • Pray for God's guidance for our team and new open doors for sharing Derek's teaching. Polish Christians need to find their calling and gifts, so that they can be fruitful and help bring spiritual awakening in this nation.
  • Pray for more co-workers and volunteers to help with our growing work. 

November 17—France

  • Continue to pray for God’s vision and direction for Director René for all his responsibilities, including for the right new projects to undertake.
  • Pray for Caroline in her work on social media and our website so that more people can access Derek’s teaching.
  • We have made a great effort to contact prison chaplains to offer them Derek’s books for free, but with no results. Pray for the Lord to remove any obstacles so that we can help many inmates find Christ and grow in their faith.

November 18—Spain

  • Pray for a comfortable home/ministry base for the workers coming in from Estonia to lead DPM’s new work in Spain and for more helpers.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom in spreading the teachings of Derek Prince in Spanish and Russian to church leaders, and for overseeing and advertising the Bible school. Pray too for new students to enroll.

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