Prayer Focus 05/06/2022 - 11/06/2022


June 5—China

  • Along with other titles, the in-China team just finished printing Unshakeable Hope in three different locations, all at the request of local believers. Pray that this teaching will help many to find hope in Jesus, especially those in the areas hit by Covid lockdowns or other difficulties.


June 6—Nepal

  • Pray for God’s protection, wisdom, and good health for Director Gopaljee, his wife Ganga, and their book distributors as they continue to translate, print, and distribute Derek’s books throughout this nation.

Testimony - Nepal

“I am so thankful for Derek’s books; a friend who visited Pokhara bought them for me. Rediscovering God’s Church and The Foundation Series blessed us a lot. I went to Bible school, but we were not taught these wonderful truths. I believe it is God's will for Nepali Christians to have Derek’s teachings. There are so many great titles by Derek we are blessed with – especially on the Holy Spirit; the old and new man; and curses and blessings. I greatly feel that all the pastors and believers should know and experience Derek’s teaching; his language is simple and understandable. People here are praying for revival, and I am glad to provide Derek’s book The Coming Revival to several pastors. Thank you, DPM, for bringing Derek’s teachings in book format.”      Pastor Keshab Lohani,  Banke District, West Nepal


June 7—Philippines

  • Our contact in Manila, Johnny, has a close relationship with the heads of Light TV that has been given Derek’s books. Light TV has now purchased some assets of a TV network (the largest entertainment and media conglomerate in the country). This will enable Light TV to become a nationwide station. They have been broadcasting Derek’s teachings (their second most popular programme), so pray for this expansion to enable millions more people in this vast nation to hear Derek’s teachings.


June 8—South Korea

  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing upon Pastor Whang as he translates Derek’s books By Grace Alone, Gifts of the Spirit, and Secrets of a Prayer Warrior. 


June 9—Netherlands

  • This month we begin another rerun of our online course “Living with the Holy Spirit.” Hundreds of students have taken it and testified of the impact of the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives. Pray for the new students to better know and understand this third Person of the Trinity.


June 10—Switzerland

  • Pray for a greater awareness of DPM in this region, especially from churches and ministries.
  • Pray for more support for the ministry so it can increase the production and distribution of Derek’s material.


June 11—Croatia

  • Croatia (as other nations in this region) struggles with a growing number of alcoholics and drug addicts. Pray that God will visit these young people, bring God’s light into their darkness, and set them free.
  • Pray that Derek's teaching on blessings and curses will help both believers and God-seekers find deliverance, true freedom and blessing in Christ.